EF Plastics UK Ltd. is a rapidly expanding recycling and export company, incorporated in December 2013 we have been trading successfully for 8 years.

The company started by setting up a sourcing and collection network to sort and ship plastic waste for further processing. We work closely with recycling companies, waste management companies, industrial and manufacturing firms to collect, process and export their plastic waste through our integrated trading network.

The knowledge obtained over the last 8 years has led to us being able to process a variety of materials including LDPE, HDPE, and various engineering grade plastics, and as a result of our networking overseas we are now able to source and supply a variety of machinery suitable for use by the recycling industry.

Our Misssion And Goal

Our mission and goal is to constantly increase processing of plastic scrap in our industry and in an environmentally friendly manner use this plastic to produce new products, while at the same time minimising the harm to the environment and reducing landfilling and dumping of recyclable materials.